When it comes to weddings, people hired luxury cars to show off their status symbol. Gone are those days now and there is an increasing demand for classic cars. In Palm Springs, these cars are in huge demand and if you get late, you might not get one for your wedding day. It is because the classic cars from Coachella Valley Cars in Palm Springs are available in limited numbers and more couples want to make a grand appearance to their venue in these cars.

Imagine your dreamy bridal entry in a classic car? Isn’t it Amazing? It appears that today’s new, soon-to-be-married couples like the concept of arriving and departing from the church in a special, more intimate mode of transportation.

Some general trends that always makes Classic cars the first choice of Couples:

  • Classic cars are still a common option for wedding transportation because they bring beauty and elegance to the occasion and are normally big enough to fit a couple of bridesmaids as well as the bride and her gown.
  • From personalizing the wedding outfit to the venue, getting classic cars personalized for your wedding is now in trend and most preferred by couples. Finding a unique and quirky car will give your wedding more personality and charm.
  • Classic cars are now becoming the choice of those who prefer eco-friendly rides at their weddings. Hybrid wedding cars are a more luxurious addition to the eco-sustainable wedding car, providing an eco-friendly way to get to your venue.