Heavy vehicles that are usually involved in carrying large quantity of goods from one place to another and the vehicles that are involved in construction, should always have slope indication tools. These tools hold an important place due to the fact that the center of gravity of such vehicles keeps on shifting due to constant movement and uneven surface.

If it is not properly understood by the driver, the vehicle could end up getting unstable and can even meet with an accident. Hence make sure that you avail the correct type of inclinometer.

The following are some of the most important features of slope indicator that you should look out for –

  • Safety Alarm: One of the first things to look out for while choosing an inclinometer for your heavy vehicle is the presence of an alarm system. The alarm systems automatically get triggered when your vehicle reaches over the recommended safety level. Usually drivers cannot keep their concentration on the meter and hence having an alarm system is extremely necessary so that the driver can manage the issue in time.
  • Automatic meter: A lot of inclinometers don’t have an automatic reader and the drivers will have to manually read and interpret the readings. This can be an issue as there can be calculation mistakes due to the involvement of human interference. Hence, make sure that you only avail the inclinometer that has an automatic reader so that the driver can easily understand the various factors, without the need to perform calculations.