Tow bars are widely used these days with most of the vehicles in Baton Rouge as they come very handy when it comes to carrying an extra trailer behind your truck or caravan. Those people who travel a lot usually prefer to install a tow bar. In Baton Rouge there are many towing companies available and you can hire the best towing company for installing a new tow bar in your car or replacing the old damaged tow bar with a new one. There are many types of tow bars available in the market that you can choose.

Flange tow bars: Flange tow bar is commonly used with most of the vehicles. This tow bar is mounted with the help of a bolt which provides firm grip to the tow bars. The tow bar is fixed with the body of the car where as tow ball can be changed according to your usage. You can fix the ball according to your usage for carrying trailers, stabilizers, cycle carriers and bumpers.

Swan Neck Tow bars: Swan neck tow bars are the most common of them all which are used in many of the cars. These tow bars do look stylish because of their design. This tow bar comes in a single piece from tow ball to tow bar. This single unit is attached to the back of your car and it also doesn’t affect the back sensor of the car while parking. If can either be used as a cycle carrier or trailer carrier, but it cannot carry both the items at the same time.