Many people often overlook the condition of their tyre while driving their car and thus end up either with flat tyre or damaged wheel while travelling long distance. It is not at all safe to drive your car with damaged or weak tyre on highways or in the remote area.

Although you can find many mobile tyre service providers in most of the locations in the city, however it is important to remain vigilant about your tyre condition. You must therefore do the following check to keep your tyres safe and drive worthy.

  • Maintain proper tyre pressure

You must know the required pressure on the tyre for safe driving. Therefore, whenever you decide to travel long distance, then check your tyre pressure and if there is no sufficient pressure then you must fill up the required pressure. This will not only ensure safe driving, but also maintain your fuel consumption.

  • Check tyre thread depth

You must regularly check the tyre thread depth after some interval. If the tyre depth reduces less than 1.6 mm then it is not safe to drive with such tyre and must be immediately replaced.

  • Visible condition

Check the visible condition of your tyre regularly whether it has any crack mark or wear and tear. If your tyre appears to be damaged then it should be immediately replaced.

  • Always keep a spare tyre

Your spare tyre must always be ready with full pressure so that in case of emergency, you can replace it and drive back home.